A Solution to Skimpy Storage Is in Our Future

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As we rely more on phones and tablets for our computing needs, it seems like we’re always running out of storage. Most mobile devices top out at 64GB, and while you might see a tablet with 128GB of 256GB of storage, that’s still a long way from the terabyte or more that you find on even the most basic laptops and desktops.

The problem lies with solid-state, or flash-based, storage, which is found in almost every phone and tablet. Flash storage is faster and more power-efficient than traditional hard drives, but it’s much more expensive, and as storage size increases, flash storage is more prone to breakdowns. What we really need is a breakthrough.

Fortunately, there are two of them on the horizon.

Samsung, the world’s largest maker of memory chips, has created a “3D Vertical NAND” flash chip that supposedly sidesteps the reliability issues of existing flash storage.


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