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Multiple Displays or Monitors

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Multiple Displays

If running applications that involve continued scrolling back and forth as well as up and down, the solution to this would be to install multiple monitors to additional graphics cards.

New Operating Systems like XP will recognise the additional card(s) and allow one to be set up as the Primary display and the other as the Secondary display. From here the monitors can be configured so that your desktop is spread between two or more displays.

The other solution is to either remove existing graphic cards (or disable integrated graphics function on the motherboard via BIOS) and install a new graphic card that supports dual displays.

The main issues with this set up is to make sure that, when using more than one graphics card they are of the same type i.e. PCI or AGP. Also if using different monitor types make…

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¡Nuevo video Mac Pro!

Movida Apple

El día de hoy , Apple nos ha mostrado un nuevo video de la nueva Mac Pro , donde podemos ver el excelente diseño de esta ingeniosa computadora de escritorio.

En el video podemos ver como Apple hace ver la sencillez de sus equipos y mostrando la innovación y la renovación de su Mac Pro.

Como podemos recordar , la nueva Mac Pro posee un doble GPU , almacenamiento flash basado en PCI Express , Thunderbolt 2 de alto rendimiento , nuevos procesadores Xeon y compatibilidad con video de resolución 4K. Luego en su procesador , posee un Xeon E5 de Intel. Ofrece configuraciones de hasta 12 núcleos de procesamiento. Luego en la memoria , posee un DDR3 de cuatro canales que alcanza velocidades de 1.886 MHz.
En los gráficos posee un GPU FirePro de AMD con hasta 6GB de VRAM.

También posee una cantidad ingente de puertos , esta…

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Intel 4ta Generación de Procesadores

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Intel presentó de forma oficial durante su keynote en el Computex 2013 que se celebro en Taipei su 4ª generación de procesadores, conocida por el nombre de Intel Haswell. La nueva generación se caracteriza por tener un rendimiento increíble aportando una extraordinaria duración a las baterías que permitirá a los fabricantes de dispositivos idear productos revolucionarios.

Mas info:  http://gizmologia.com/2013/06/intel-haswell

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A Solution to Skimpy Storage Is in Our Future

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As we rely more on phones and tablets for our computing needs, it seems like we’re always running out of storage. Most mobile devices top out at 64GB, and while you might see a tablet with 128GB of 256GB of storage, that’s still a long way from the terabyte or more that you find on even the most basic laptops and desktops.

The problem lies with solid-state, or flash-based, storage, which is found in almost every phone and tablet. Flash storage is faster and more power-efficient than traditional hard drives, but it’s much more expensive, and as storage size increases, flash storage is more prone to breakdowns. What we really need is a breakthrough.

Fortunately, there are two of them on the horizon.

Samsung, the world’s largest maker of memory chips, has created a “3D Vertical NAND” flash chip that supposedly sidesteps the reliability issues of existing flash storage.


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